Nous y sommes, ce chapitre 22 sera considéré comme le dernier de la licence Uncharted. Première partie, en extrême donc. + Trophée terminé speedrun ! (Uncharted16) Il ne vous reste à présent plus qu'un Epilogue à effectuer afin d'en apprendre plus sur les évènements qui se sont déroulés après la licence. When Nate and Sully enter the chamber beneath the clock tower in Chapter 11, they find a large wheel labelled "Founders". Align the symbols in your journal, then return to the wheel and make the following adjustments: Once the wheel turns over, photograph the three discs to complete the puzzle. Meh, spoilers don’t bother me… but it kinda sucks that people would go to this extreme to play a game 2 weeks early when there’s so much awesome stuff out there. Al-basra's are at the bottom of his sash, and England's are hidden on his satchel. Après avoir volé la carte-clé, vous entrerez dans la cuisine et verrez une cinématique. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End let's plays, reviews, YouTube channel statistics and more. Chapitre 17. Several years after his last adventure, retired fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, is forced back into the world of thieves. Grâce à cette explosion, vous pourrez monter par le trou crée et entrer à l'intérieur de cet immense vaisseau échoué (Uncharted5). Refer to the image above for the safe path across this trap - if it isn't obvious, the squares marked with a giant skull will kill you. [CUSA00917] Tu peux débloquer : L'histoire perdue, L'art perdu du collage d'article, Trésorier, Moulin à paroles. Uncharted 4 Chapter 8 Treasures - The Grave of Henry Avery. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Summary : The latest title in the Uncharted series is the first in this third-person adventure series on the Playstation 4 game system. A l'intérieur vous verrez de nombreux trésors. Chapitre 16: Le coffre au trésor Coupe d'argent et couverture: Ce morceau est probablement la pire partie de Drake's Fortune, où vous devez suivre les chiffres sur le sol. Hope this will helpful. Simona Maiorano 4 STORYTELLING DETAILS Symbolism This level stands out from other Uncharted levels because it’s full of symbolism, and it deals with human ambitions and love for danger. For specific platforming tutorials, see the video on the walkthrough page for  Chapter 11. Uncharted 4 is an outstanding action game. Next, head to the far end of the platform and jump through the gear , then use the counterweight to climb around the corner and back up to the Leo platform. With this being said, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was my favorite game reveal of E3 2014, and is now my most anticipated game for 2015. Un guide complet qui reviendra sur l'intégralité des chapitres que compte le jeu en vous révélant toutes les énigmes et dangers. Head through the door that opens and pick out the highlighted symbols on each painting to note them down in your journal. N'ayez crainte car la suite de la soluce Uncharted IV vous expliquera comment réussir ce dernier niveau sans la moindre difficulté. 0 posts 0 views Subscribe Unsubscribe 0. sri 4. With this leaderboard, points are only awarded for 100% complete games. Here's the fastest sequence to complete this ring: Near the end of Chapter 19: Avery's Descent, Elena and Nate must navigate a deadly maze created by Avery. Leap from the pendulum to reach the fourth bell. E3 2015 : Uncharted 4 vous verrez l'emplacement de tous les collectibles du troisième chapitre intitulé "Boulot en Malaisie".Il vous sera assez difficile de vous repérer sous l'eau, heureusement nous avons réalisé une vidéo montrant la localisation de tous les objets afin que vous puissiez plus facilement vous repérer. Montez le rocher situé en face de vous (Uncharted2). Each wheel control a circle, segments of which overlap with other moveable circles - the object of this puzzle is to get all the pieces in the right place before activating the switch. To disable the mechanism that prevents you from unlocking the exit door, you must arrange the crosses so that they mirror the statues of the crucifixion you found earlier (Dismas on the left, Gestas on the right and Jesus in the center). =) Première partie, en extrême donc. Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB, Netflix's 2021 Movie Release Lineup: New Films From Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, and Zack Snyder Revealed, CES 2021 Highlights: The Biggest Announcements From The Show, Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Prequel: The Second Age Explained, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Locate the brick with the number XII on it, then interact with it to solve the puzzle and trigger a cutscene. Results for: uncharted 4 Search Results. ... Help extreme labs isn’t acting up last time it didn’t make alert noises it crashed so hopefully that’s not happening again. Uncharted 4 is a landmark title that anyone remotely interested in interactive storytelling should invest in. The Four Biggest Problems With 'Uncharted 4' Forbes Uncharted 4 is a really terrific game in many ways. Use the gears on your left to climb down to the Aquarius bell platform. In order to pass by the clock face exterior, climb onto the gear inside the face to reposition the minute hand of the clock. It takes place in a mountainous region with a monastery and graveyard. Wsh la zone t'as juste à terminer tout ce qu'il y'a a faire dans le chapitre … For the fourth bell, Taurus, climb back up towards the Scorpio bell, but instead of using the large gear to climb down, use the ones to it's left to climb up and jump to the swinging pendulum. Le petit guide en vidéo. You will land on the ground [secret 1]. 3 grenades 1 tir de china pour le sulfateur tout en tuant les 2 snipers,c'est ma méthode de départ, le reste on se débrouille comme on peut. You can unlock : Lost History, Lost Art of Journaling, Treasure Master, Gift of Gab. Encore et toujours plus, dans cette partie de notre solution Uncharted IV : A Thief's End. This wheel controls large stone spheres mounted on the wall which must be aligned in accordance to the various light patterns on each ring of wall. Saturday Story Game! No game peaks my interest as much as Uncharted, but this will be the 5th game in the series, which is a lot of titles for a Naughty Dog franchise. Partez ensuite sur votre gauche et sautez dans le trou vous menant à la cale du bateau (Uncharted7). Tous les tous les griffe Collectionneur grue échouer trouver … The PlayStation Experience is the final word on gaming for 2016 with the show taking place in Anaheim, California. So why not complete your trophy list for the game and unlock one of the games harder trophies. Soluce Uncharted 4 a Thief's End : solution 100% complète du dernier Uncharted sur PS4. Thrilling shootouts, a staggering level of detail, breathtaking visuals and emotional depth come together to make Uncharted 4: A Thief's End a must-play masterpiece. Remontez ensuite à la surface et avancez jusqu'au bateau qui explosera (Uncharted4). After reaching the cell in Chapter 02: Infernal Place, you’ll find a bunch of symbols and roman numerals carved into the walls. First, take the bucket and fill it with water in the pool below the exit door. =) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Summary : The latest title in the Uncharted series is the first in this third-person adventure series on the Playstation 4 game system. Swing with grappling hook 6. Shoot 4. 1 Plot 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Major Battle: Village Streets 2.2 Major Battle: Courtyard After wandering the Rub' al Khali desert for days, Nathan Drake eventually sees a settlement. Chapitre 11. Chapitre 15. This game is fine for people 12 and older. Tuto: avoir tous les trésor au chapitre 3 sur Uncharted drake's fortune. Dans celui-ci vous dirigerez une nouvelle fois Nathan Drake devant retrouver son frère dans le bateau d'Henry Avery, affronter Rafe et finir par s'échapper de la grotte avant qu'elle ne s'effondre. Uncharted Drake s Fortune. Avancez jusqu'à la porte et ouvrez-la en appuyant sur le bouton Triangle de votre manette Playstation 4 (Uncharted8). Uncharted 4 : Mode Extrême - Chapitre 20 Sans issue - YouTube Once the four bells have been rung, you need to reach the top of the tower to complete the puzzle. Continuez d'avancer vers la lumière blanche afin de terminer le dernier chapitre de l'aventure Uncharted 4, bravo ! his save is for Uncharted 4 EU in playstation store. You may have noticed that there are similar symbols on the letter Vargas gave you earlier. Updated May 9, 2016 by Ketchua. That’s because one of the confirmed games is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 38 Games Like Uncharted 4. The PlayStation Experience Uncharted 4 DLC Info. Exciting though! Partez droit devant-vous pour monter à l'étage supérieur et partez vers la gauche afin de rejoindre la place centrale du navire (Uncharted6). This page contains information on how to solve the various puzzles in Uncharted 4. Chapitre 16. You are outside again (after the scripted scene). It is, however, one of the more convoluted trophies from the game. The objective is to ring the bells that correspond to each statue in the order they appeared. 1:51. But there are a number of beautiful and surprising moments in it which I’m not going to talk about here, and the excellent environmental design, writing and voice acting often lift the characters above the conventions of the story they’re stuck in. Edutainment is a term that is used for videogames being both educational and entertainment for the player. The first pirate (who some of you might recognize) has symbols sitting next to his burned elbow. Graphics on 4k-9.5/10 Gameplay-8.9/10 Action-9/10 Sleath-8.5/10 Always Go for Retail net 4.6* rating. When Sam places the bucket in the appropriate spot, two more control wheels will be unlocked. Climb onto the large handle to temporarily stop the clock's mechanisms - while they're stopped, climb up the large gear and jump to the wooden platform behind the face of the clock. Uncharted mayghaen17. il y a 5 ans | 180 vues. Dès le début du chapitre, vous pourrez partir directement en direction du bateau qui explosera au loin. Return to the door and interact with the now-revealed handle to open it and complete the puzzle. Baldrige's is next to his armpit, Condent's is just below his good hand, and Bonny's is on the right side of her waist. Related Newest Popular Family Filter: khela 4. Uncharted Movie Reportedly Loses Director, Gains PlayStation Productions: Jun 09, 2019: The Uncharted Movie Starring Tom Holland is Out in December 2020: Aug 13, 2018: Uncharted Movie is "Close to the Starting Line," Says Director: Jul 16, 2018: Uncharted Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion and Stephen Lang Released on YouTube Attention, cet article contient des spoilers relatifs à l’histoire de Uncharted 4. Complete refers to earning 100% of trophies for the game including downloadable content. The first platform with a bell mechansims you will reach is the Leo platform. In Chapter 08: The Grave of Henry Avery, first locate the proper gravestone at the far end of the cemetary - it’s near the edge of the cliff, with a large skull placed in the center (in addition to the other required characteristics). Réussi au bout d'à-peu-près 30 essais. Once you've safely traversed the clock face, continue up to the top of the tower around the corner to complete the puzzle by ringing the highest bell. Au moment de tomber, vous pourrez vous rattraper avec votre corde et atteindre un petit passage secret (Uncharted23). Vous devrez ensuite partir tout au bout de la zone en sautant par dessus le trou et atteindre la table sur laquelle se trouvera le Vase solide (Uncharted33à35). Vous trouverez également une section guide vidéo qui reprend tous les niveaux en vidéo sous forme de guide. To solve this puzzle, they must correctly align the sigils of various pirate captains, as indicated by the first two - Henry Avery and Thomas Two. It’s now officially April. Chapitre 6 : Chapitre 8 : Chapitre 9 : Chapitre 10. Après une longue cinématique, vous vous retrouverez en face de Rafe et devrez gagner le dernier combat du jeu. Head up the staircase that appears after the cutscene, then use your rope to swing across to the other side of the tower. Chapitre 18. The latest title in the Uncharted series is the first in this third-person adventure series on the Playstation 4 game system. Bonjour à tous et bienvenue sur nos pages pour y découvrir sans plus attendre la présentation de la solution pour Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.Je pense que vous l’attendiez autant que moi, ça y’est, il est là, et croyez-moi c’est bel et bien la bombe attendue. En plus de mettre en scène des easter eggs bien pensés, et une collecte d’objets fatigante, Uncharted 4 : ... Chapitre 8 : Assez facile celui-ci. Plongez sous l'eau et allez en dessous du rocher pour y trouver le Pendentif oeuf moghol (Uncharted3). After placing the coin you found in Scotland into the central column, four statues will appear around the room. Chapitre 12 : Chapitre 13. You'll need to if you plan to earn that Uncharted 4 platinum trophy. In Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight, Nate and Sully must find the entrance to Avery’s secret chamber within the Kings Bay clock tower. Venez découvrir tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la partie : "Chapitre 17 - Pour le meilleur et pour le pire" du jeu Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End dans son wiki. Il vous faudra patienter suffisamment longtemps pour qu'une certaine scène scriptée s'enclenche (Uncharted11). In order to force Nate to make this connection, examine the Sun/Moon symbols in the corner of the cell next to the door, then pull out the letter and flip it over. It requires players to trigger 36 optional conversations throughout the game to unlock the Silver 'Gift of Gab' trophy. I’ll update this article with more content when more details are available. Today we raid the black market in Italy. Sam will use his lighter to set the flame - once it’s lit, return to the front side of the statue (with the three crucified figures). And if you’re out of new things to play… Catherine’s on sale for 5 bucks. March was great, but April is shaping up to be even better. This unofficial guide to Uncharted 4 A Thief's End contains all the information necessary to complete the game 100 percent and get the platinum trophy. Vous obtiendrez ensuite un sabre et pourrez frapper à votre tour Rafe. La lecture est donc déconseillée à celles et ceux qui fuient toute […] Home » Uncharted 4: A Thief's End » Chapter 8 Treasures – The Grave of Henry Avery. Return to the wheel and adjust the sigils in this order: Once that row is completed and the next chamber has openend, send Sam a text and head through the new doorway. Interact with each figure and rotate / move the beams of light to line up with the corresponding spots on the door. A well packed product and also fastest delivery before time. Sachez tout de même que c'est dans cette eau peu profonde que se trouvera le dernier trésor du jeu. (Commentaire FR)Chapitre 19 La chute d'Avery Le mât du bateau finira par tomber et vous devrez plonger sous l'eau puis remonter avant de mourir noyé (Uncharted15). djfantome151. Nathan Drake is the lead character in the award-winning franchise of ‘Uncharted’ games, for which the next chapter, ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ is due for release later this year.